Choosing The Right Wakeboard Boots

Shopping For Wakeboard Gear

When it comes to shopping for wakeboard gear it can often be overwhelming, even if you have done so before. This is why we have chosen to help take you through the difference in this comprehensive guide about wakeboard boots and bindings. Primarily, there are two different types of boots/bindings. These consist of open and closed toe configurations. The main difference is in the name, one is closed similar to a shoe or boot while the other is open and leaves your toes exposed. For a quick overview of the differences in these two types of boots and what our recommendations are, click the button below or the thumbnail to the right to view our video.


Closed Toe Boot / Binding


  • More Responsive
  • More Comfortable


  • Less Budget Friendly
  • Only Fits One Size

Designed for the rider who wants the most out of their board when it comes to performance. Closed toe bindings provide a much more responsive riding experience due to the fit and build quality. Along with increasing responsiveness, closed toe bindings also provide a higher level of comfort. Check out two of our favorite options, the Slingshot RAD and Ronix One boots, by clicking the buttons below.


Open Toe Boot / Binding


  • More Budget Friendly
  • Wider Size Range


  • Less Responsive
  • Built Inexpensively

Watersports are more enjoyable when shared with others who are just as passionate as you. Open toe boots give you the ability to have one boot that will fit multiple different sizes. This will allow for you to purchase fewer boots to accommodate different riders. In addition, open toe boots are generally less expensive and designed for the beginner and intermediate rider. Check out two of our favorite options, the Hyperlite Remix and Slingshot Option, below.