Ride Engine: Apoc Wetsuits

Ride Engine: Apoc Wetsuit Shorty

Superior Quality

When it comes to buying any sort of gear, whether it is wake or snow, you want to rest assured that you made the right decision and got the best possible gear for you. With fall in full swing and winter slowly approaching, those brave hearted riders will begin to break out the wetsuits to ride as long as they can. When it comes to wetsuits we recommend the Ride Engine apoc series. Ride Engine strives to provide comfortable, high quality, and enviornmentally friendly products. Each Apoc series wetsuit starts out with a limestone based neoprene, which releases less toxins into the water. This in turn makes Ride Engine's Apoc series wetsuits not only safer for the enviornment, but also the rider wearing it.

Showcase Video

With so many options to choose from when shopping for a new wetsuit it can often be overwhelming. This is why we have made a quick little showcase video to give you a run down of what makes Ride Engine so special. In this video we will go over some of they key benefits from riding in a Ride Engine Apoc series wetsuit. To watch our showcase video either click the video thumbnail or the button below. To check our our complete lineup of Ride Engine gear go ahead and click the button below. Additionally, if you are in the Charlotte area you can shop our selection of Ride Engine wetsuits and gear in store.