Liquid Force Tao Heritage Comp Vest 2024 – Camo

Experience the ultimate in performance and style with Daniel Grant’s signature jacket. Designed to meet the demands of the hardest riding styles, this jacket delivers without hesitation. Join Daniel Grant and elevate your riding with the jacket that matches his unmatched style and intensity.



Experience top-level performance with unmatched style and comfort with the Squad TAO boardshorts. Designed to keep you mobile and comfortable, these boardshorts are a top choice for riders seeking ultimate performance. The strategic stitching ensures full range mobility, allowing you to boost off kickers and press on rails without any restrictions. Whether you’re riding in warmer waters or competing in colder climates, the chill stop liner keeps you warm and comfortable in any conditions. Elevate your riding experience with the Squad TAO boardshorts and ride in style and comfort like never before.

  • Introducing the Daniel Grant Signature Model, designed for the ultimate performance on the water.
  • LF Exclusive Ribbed Flex Panel Architecture, Bio-Spine 3D Curve, and Advanced 18 Flex Panels ensure unmatched flexibility and comfort.
  • Enjoy a tailored fit with a tapered waist and wide shoulders for optimal mobility.
  • Stay warm with the full coverage “Chill Stopper” lining, providing excellent insulation.
  • The PVX Foam used in this jacket is lightweight, soft, stretchable, and flexible, offering superior comfort.
  • Please note that this jacket is not Coast Guard approved and should not be used as a life jacket.
  • Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL for a perfect fit.

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