O’Neill Slasher Women’s Comp Vest 2023 – Opal/Zephora

Discover the groundbreaking O’Neill Competition Vest lineup, setting a new industry standard with its revolutionary performance-driven technology. Experience unmatched excellence as our vests redefine lightweight design, strength, and fast drying capabilities. Elevate your water safety and performance with O’Neill Competition Vests, the pinnacle of innovation. Explore our collection today.


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Discover the game-changing Nytrolite Foam Technology, a revolutionary advancement in flotation materials. Our exclusive process employs Nitrogen to expand Low Density Polyethylene, creating a foam that is 3 times lighter than PVC foam. With its closed cell structure, it absorbs 15-20% less water, ensuring greater durability. Additionally, Nytrolite boasts approximately 10% more buoyancy than PVC foam, enabling us to use less foam while maintaining exceptional safety standards. Experience the unrivaled performance and buoyancy of Nytrolite Foam in our cutting-edge vests.

  • Minimal Bulk Design: Enjoy unrestricted movement with our vests’ streamlined construction.
  • Strategic Armhole Size: Experience optimal comfort with armholes designed for a perfect fit.
  • Anatomical Flex Points: Enhance your flexibility with strategically placed flex points that move with your body.
  • Front Zip: Easily put on and take off your vest with the convenient front zipper.
  • Segmented Foam Core: Improve agility and comfort with a foam core that allows for natural movement.
  • Wind Proof Glideskin Exterior: Stay protected from the elements with a durable and windproof exterior.
  • Interior: UltraFlex Comfort: Enjoy maximum comfort with our interior lining made of UltraFlex material.
  • Exterior: UltraFlex Durability: Benefit from the durability of our UltraFlex material, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Experience the next level of performance and comfort with our NytroLite Foam Technology.