Ronix Combo 5.0 Wakeboard Rope & Handle Package 2023 – White

The Ronix Combo 5.0 Wakeboard Rope Package has a 3D molded handle that understands that when the hand it wrapped around it, it is not a perfect circle, but oblong at the knuckles.


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Ronix Combo 5.0 Wakeboard Rope and Handle

At 85 feet with handle, the 5.0 Wakeboard Rope Package can be adjusted down to 65 feet to accommodate smaller boats, and beginner rides looking to make their first wake to wake jump.

  • Hide Grip with 3D molded pattern for an extra tacky grip
  • Dyneema Barlock (anti Roll)
  • 3mm Thick Memory Foam
  • 1.15″ Handle Diameter
  • Strung with 12-Strand Dyneema Rope
  • Filled inside with EVA for Floatation
  • R6 80 foot mainline with 6 sections