Slingshot G1000/710 V1 Lower Package 2024

The G 1000/710 Lower Package delivers enduring performance that you’ll never outgrow. Built for maximum glide efficiency, our medium/high-aspect G Series front wings provide rock-solid stability and plenty of low-end get up and go.


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Package Includes:

Phantasm G 1000 Front Wing, 710 Fuselage, PS 400 Stabilizer, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Neoprene Wing Covers, Carrying Case

The ultimate pump and glide machine.

Unmatched efficiency and low stall speed with a ton of forward traction with each pump.We added an extra touch of camber in this wing to allow you to set a rail and hold it through a powerful turn.

Still lots of glide with an extra dose of rebound on the back foot for efficient pumping


  • SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 1355
  • SPAN (mm) = 1000
  • CHORD (mm) = 171
  • ASPECT RATIO = 7.4

The G 1000/710 Lower Package includes a carbon-fiber G 1000 front wing, 710 mm fuse, and carbon-fiber PS 400 mm rear stabilizer—all fully optimized to deliver the very best in glide efficiency. Our G Series front wings generate significant lift from turning and pumping, and perform across multiple sports categories.