Slingshot WF-1 V5 3’11” Foil Board 2024

The all-new WF-1 V5 is the highest-performance wake foil board Slingshot has ever created. Built with premium XR construction and sporting a new outline profile…


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Slingshot WF-1 V5 Wakefoil Board 3’11” 2024

it’s sure to be the board of choice for the highest-performance foilers. The new narrower profile gives riders more control while allowing them to bank tighter turns and its compact length (3’11”) enables riders to increase their angle of attack when pumping. The corduroy EVA deck pad provides impressive grip and stance options and inserts allow for the addition of foot straps.

The WF1 V5 is for those learning to fly in the quick flite category all the way to experts in the flow state. The WF1 V5 is also the best option for anyone who wants to get serious about strapped jumping thanks to the user friendly nose profile that lands and recovers like a dream!

  • Advanced Epoxy Sandwich Construction
  • Double-Concave Nose
  • Chined Rails
  • Out-The-Back Foil Tracks
  • Offset Footstrap Inserts
  • Zero Swing Weight
  • Corduroy EVA Deck Pad
  • WF-1 V5 3’11”
  • Width: 19″ | Volume: 17L | Length: 3’11” | Thickness: 1.75″ | Weight: Weight: 7lbs