3 Stage vs Continuous Rocker Wakeboards

What is a Wakeboard Rocker Line?

When it comes to purchasing your first, or next, wakeboard it can often be quite overwhelming with so many different options to choose from. This comprehensive guide will walk you through some of the core differences in the different types of wakeboard rockers. The wakeboard rocker is essentially the contour of the bottom of the board. When looking at rocker lines there are 3 main types that people tend to run across. These types include continuous, 3-stage, and hybrid. To see what each of these different wakeboard rockers have to offer, click the button below to watch our quick video, or keep reading.

Slingshot Nomad - Continuous Rocker

Continuous Rocker Wakeboards

To choose the proper rocker type, you have to think about your riding style and the type of tricks you will normally perform. You will also want to consider the size of the wake from the boat as well.

Let's start off with the continuous wakeboard rocker. This rocker follows a very mild contour that stays the same throughout the board. A continuous rocker is ideal for riders who intend on taking tricks way out in the flats without destroying their knees. Aside from providing softer landings, these boards glide across the water much quicker and provide a more consistent pop off of of the wake for extremely consistent runs. Two of the continous rockers that we recommend are the Slingshot Nomad and the Liquid Force Trip. The Slingshot Nomad is a great intermediate to advanced board that can accommodate a wide size range of riders. The Liquid Force Trip is a great beginner to intermediate board that comes in at a fairly affordable price tag.


3-Stage Rocker Wakeboards

Now that you have seen what the continuous rocker has to offer, lets go over what a 3 Stage wakeboard rocker is and has to offer. The 3 Stage wakeboard rocker was initially developed when wakeboarding wakes started to get bigger. This rocker type provides more pop off the wake than a traditional continuous rocker, which makes it extremely ideal for riders who prefer wake to wake style tricks. The downside of this type of board is it's speed. Due to the shape, a 3 Stage rocker has less surface area in contact with the water, which makes it rider a little bit slower. Some of the 3 stage wakeboards that we love are the Ronix Vault and Slingshot Pill. Both of these boards are geared towards boat riders and can accommodate intermediate to advance riders.

Slingshot Coalition - Hybrid Rocker Wakeboard

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboards

Now you know what 3 stage and continuous wakebaord rockers have to offer and if you are still drawn between the two, a hybrid wakeboard rocker may be the ideal board for you. Designed to blend the awesome features from both types of boards, the hybrid rocker is ideal for riders who throw a wide variety of tricks. The hybrid wakeboard rockers, also known as a 3 stage hybrid, delivered some of the pop you would expect from a 3 stage while still providing a consistent and faster rider. Some of the hybrid boards that we like in particular are the Slingshot Coalition and the Hyperlite Murray. Both of these boards can accommodate riders of all skill levels and can help push their riding to the next level.

Shopping With Confidence

Now that you know what the differences are between the different rocker styles you can shop with confidence when you buy your first, or next, wakeboard. If you still have additional questions pertaining to which wakeboard is the best for you, feel free to reach out to our team by sending a message, giving us a call, or stopping by at one of our 3 locations.