Liquid Force Launch 120 Foil 2023

Make learning to foil easier on the Liquid Force Launch Foil Set.

The Liquid Force Launch Foil Set uses a 24” mast that gives the perfect amount rise out of the water without being intimidating. The Flite 120 front wing gives an easy, stable low-end lift that is perfect for slow speeds and riding the first and second wake.


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The straight fuselage gives a solid connection between the Mast Front and Tail wings to give a strong and secure transfer of energy. The Flite Tail wing adds great tracking and stability to increase your foil skill set with confidence.

Liquid Force Launch Foil Set Features

  • Flite 120 Carbon Wing
  • 24″ Aluminum Alloy Mast
  • Standard Aluminum Fuselage
  • Standard Collar
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Kit
  • Padded Wing Covers